About RWIC in the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean

Right Way Internet Consultants (RWIC) is a St. Thomas, Virgin Islands based Search Engine Optimization company.  We are the only Certified Search Engine Optimization consultants in the Virgin Islands.  Our training and experience as well as our close ties to other Certified SEO professionals give us an advantage that no one else in the Caribbean can offer.

    The owner of RWIC, Duane Loberg, has been  involved in search engine optimization and search engine marketing (SEM) since 1999 with his own sites, of which one -- EZ-Step.com -- ranks in the top 10 (and generally #1 or #2) when a search engine is queried for anything regarding help in using stairways.  In 2008 he decided to take that interest in search engine optimization to the professonal level.  He did the research to seek out the best source of qualified search engine optimization techniques.  The Search Engine Academy was at the top of a very short list and is the only such academy in the world.  He traveled to Tampa, Florida where he attened the certification course.  Upon successfully completing the intenese week long hands on course and successfully passing their rigorous exam he received his Certification.

RWIC uses only 'white hat' techniques for Search Engine Optimization for true and sustainable search engine ranking -- no 'black hat' or 'tricks' that, at best, offer only temporary success in obtaining higher search engine ranking and in the long run can not only hurt your ranking but can actually get your site bared from the search engine entirely.

For qualified site optimization that will improve your website ranking and visibility with the search engines call now or contact us at:  340-775-2399   Email: seoinfo@rwic.com